Visit to Austin, Texas

I recently visited my sister in Austin, Texas to get some fishing in. We flew in Friday night and were planning to charter a fishing trip for the weekend. When I arrived, I was surprised to find out they had purchased a new home. They had a huge backyard with a large boat, a 50-yard swimming pool, and exceptionally large pool deck. They originally considered using stamped concrete pavers, but they didn’t want to have grass growing between the pavers in a year or two. Anyways, it was ridiculously hot out, so I decided to go for a swim. I stepped off the patio onto the pool deck, slipped and fell on my butt. The swimming pool deck surface was so slippery and there was a large crack! After seeing me fall, my sister rushed over to help me up. Then, she immediately started researching how to prevent a slippery pool deck and how to fix the concrete. After looking into multiple Austin concrete contractors, we found a pool deck company called Austin Pool Decks to apply non-slip Kool decking to the concrete surface and to handle the pool deck repair by visiting their website at Their concrete specialists stopped by at 2:00 PM that day to resurface the deck. They started by scrapping the to layer to prep the surface. Then, they sprayed the cool deck onto the surface and let it dry for 4 hours. Once the cool deck application was complete, they added a Texas-inspired colored stain to the concrete to make it the same color as their home. After they were done, we drove to the water for the fishing charter and fished for 8 or 9 hours. We ended up catching two bass, a flounder, a swordfish, and a small shark. My arms were tired from trying to reel the fish in and my butt still hurt from falling on the pool deck.