Land Clearing & Development Needed for a New Parking Lot

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of entrants for our fishing contents and overall attendees at our events.  That’s a great thing because it means that we’re doing a good job of getting our name out there, but it also creates some concerns for space.  Our last fishing event drew a crowd of well over a thousand people, and while most were just watching, parking was a big problem. Our parking lot was completely full by 10 AM and people kept showing up anyways.  People ended parking miles down the road, which disrupted the town’s employee base because now they couldn’t find parking.  So, after discussion with the management team, we’ve decided to purchase the land directly next to our spot to put in a new parking lot.

The land directly next to ours is undeveloped, so there’s many trees, heavy shrubbery, and the ground is uneven.  We’ll need the help of demolition contractors to get rid of the small wood structure on the land, and we’ll also have to hire a tree service to clear the land for development.  After much debate, we’ve hired Albany Tree & Property Service to clear the land of trees in order to make way for our new parking lot.  We narrowed down the list to 3 tree services from Albany, New York before selecting them based on their experience and some good reviews from clients we spoke to.  We’re happy with our decision and we believe that Albany Tree & Property Service, headed by expert arborist, Joe Stevens, is the perfect company for the project.  They have done several commercial land clearing projects in the Capital District for local universities and real estate development companies, and their experience bodes well for us.  Once Joe’s team has removed all the foliage from the lot, we’ll bring in some contractors to pave it.  The new parking lot is expected to hold up to 750 vehicles, which should help ease the overflow from the main parking lot and prevent traffic issues in nearby towns.  We have our fingers crossed that the project will be completed by July 1, 2019 so we can have the land ready for our next fishing event in early August.  More updates will be provided as the date draws closer.